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RuthGI'm doing this

& will continue. Having the hourly reminder programmed in is a great help. Besides the good things this is doing for my physical health, it keeps me from getting sleepy!

Highly recommended for others whose work keeps them mostly seated. 4 years ago

RuthGAnother 2010 health goal

With the new research showing that sitting for long periods is very detrimental to one’s metabolism & overall health (here’s an excellent summary if you want to read about it), I’m going to change my workday habits.

My tendency has always been toward efficiency: I generally save up the tasks that would require me to leave my office (getting water or tea, using the bathroom, delivering something to a colleague) & do them all at once. I need to become more INefficient!

So this morning I have programmed a reminder every hour – 7 times throughout the workday – to get up & move for 5 minutes or so. I’ll be doing stairs, marching around my office, getting water, making a couple of corridor circuits, &/or stretching. My body will thank me! 4 years ago


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