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newday82Still looking

Not for someone who completes me, but someone who complements me and makes me a better person 4 days ago

epiphany43Oh yeah, totally worth it!

For me, the most important thing by far was working on myself. When I did a lot of intense work on myself, my energy changed and I was ready, he appeared! Quite unexpectedly! 2 weeks ago

HippieChick2Mr HC

2 weeks ago

HippieChick2Mr HC

2 weeks ago

girlwitglassesLove starts with self

A person can’t love someone else if he/she don’t love themself first. Nobody is gonna respect you if you don’t show respect for yourself. Its ok to set boundaries/standards because you deserve the best. These are some things I have to work on myself. Positive attracts positive. I need to start saying what I want instead of what I don’t want. What you put out in the universe is what you get.

So the point is love yourself first and love will come…eventually :) 2 months ago

releaseitallour one year is in five days ♥

Spent christmas with him and his family, wasnt exactly the best day, but he made it better. Im so so happy things are back to normal, if not normal, better ♥ 3 months ago

Loni SinclairI give up on this

I give up on this 3 months ago


Find someone who truly knws what love is all about. Who smiles and knws haow to treat a lady 3 months ago


I like one girl,I dont even know if its LOVE or LIKE…..and I’m confused a lot 3 months ago


Im starting to lose him, 4 months ago

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