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be given a nickname in a foreign language

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Frank Combsi think this would be cool

maybe it will help me with my other thing,learning a 2nd/3rd/multiple language 3 years ago


does any body know how to trans late jesus in a forign language? 4 years ago

signora oye veythep tidar

I was given a name by a young boy when I travelled through Thailand. He called me Thep Tidar (prounounced tep-tea-dah), which is a Thai diety, like the daughter of an angel. I introduced myself as Thep Tidar when I traveled in S.E. Asia, but the name faded away when that chapter of my life came to a close. 5 years ago

missnikgo on then

gimme a nikname in another language!

that’d bec cool as i rekun!!!! 5 years ago

fungiA Spanish friend

calls me cara del vago. He says it means good friend. 6 years ago


it started from a nickname the my griend gave me… Shuu…

which means in japanesse the same thing me real name means..

and the in turned to the nickname “Shoe”

coz that’s what i am 7 years ago

discowaffle¿Qué pasa, calbaza?

I guess this is a common phrase in spanish. It means “What’s going on, pumpkin?” My spanish teacher said that to me once, and I thought it was so cool.

And if that doesn’t count, my “spanish name” in class is Lupita… because Keegan isn’t exactly hispanic. 7 years ago

Carrie Marshallwei xiao tian shi

was the name given to me when I first arrived in China. Even though it isn’t a traditional Chinese name, people still insist on calling me this. 7 years ago

dparkz1foreign terms of endearment

On a tv show last week, I heard a mother call a small child a very sweet nickname. She said it was a common nickname in her country for children. I thought it translated into English as “little mouse” but I don’t remember the nickname, or the language. Anyone out there know? 7 years ago


Yes, odd but very cool and it’s quite flattering – I’ve always wanted to be compared to a sausage. :D 7 years ago

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