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drink 8 glasses of water a day

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lilbigtownJan 10

5 bottles water 3 months ago

lilbigtownJan 9

2 bottles of water 3 months ago

Snicker_ImpToo much tea and coffee

While I can’t go cold turkey on the caffiene, I do need to ease up a bit and get some hydration back in rotation. 3 months ago

FemaleMMAFightersDrinking 8 glasses of water every day

I don’t always do this but I know I should. I drink a lot of water most days, but I never keep track – and someday I definitely don’t drink enough water.

I’m going to start keeping track from now on. 11 months ago


8 glasses is too much for me. I feel good after drinking about 5-6 a day. 13 months ago


8 13 months ago


Yes 14 months ago

cmena10318 isn't enough

So after learning that your suppose to drink half your weight in ounces I have been having to add more water then 8. I was doing good with the 8 but now I gotta add more glasses and its become a bit harder. I’m working on it though. 14 months ago


Easy 14 months ago


Yes 14 months ago

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