Pilot a boat through the Chittenden Locks (Seattle)

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mattuDid it - then did it again

This was a lot of fun. Even better with a few kids. Just watching the kids as the lock doors open and shut was worth it. 8 years ago

elizabethuVery cool...

and pretty easy, as long as you have long enough lines and listen to the lock operators. We got to go through the small lock on the way out and the big lock on the way back. The wait times weren’t very long, although that might be a different story late in the day on a Sunday (we came back late morning). Sort of a funny scene, with tourists taking pictures of us taking pictures while going through the locks. 8 years ago

elizabethuThis weekend...

... will be our first time through the Ballard Locks. We’re bringing a friend who has gone through before, so I’m hoping the lock operators won’t need to yell at us too much! 8 years ago


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