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Passionately kiss someone I've met on the internet

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Maria MarmoUntitled

It would be nice 2 years ago


haha, done it and more :] 3 years ago


I met Tiffany on Myspace a week ago, and shes came 40 miles just to see me… here we are on day two of her visit.. 4 years ago


I mean since when is kissing someone passionately not worth doing it? It was a fun evening even if things turned out to be rather messy with this guy, and that´s the nice way to put it! Still worth doing, he was an amazing kisser….but a jerk! 5 years ago


Hmm yeah, I’ve done this, too. 5 years ago


I was looking at some random goals and found this :D Sure I have done this since I met my boyfriend on the Internet :D 5 years ago


I met my b/f through the internet and we have been together for only 4 months but things couldnt be better. He moved in with me last month and mu kids really took to him. For mothers day he bought me a beautiful amythest ring and keeps teasing me about an engagement ring. Weve talked about marriage and buying a house so if things work out Ill be married to someone that I met over the internet :D 5 years ago


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 6 years ago


I married him too! 6 years ago


I thought it would be amazing, especially since I dreamed about it for months, but my expectations fell short. I think I fell in love with the way he listened to me, not him. I hate to admit that, and it sounds so cold, but it’s the truth. And he didn’t even listen to me! He watched t.v. and multitasked the whole time – which drives me crazy!

Maybe someday I can have a better experience with this goal, but until then: It’s not worth doing!—In my case anyway.

Good luck! I hate to discourage you! 7 years ago

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