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TamTamRara8Can anyone please help me find this song i would really apreciate it (:

Ok so i heard this song when i was watching a video and at the end there was a song that i liked but i only heard like a few words of it because someone was talking =_=,
here are the word to this song:
“decide… tell me where to be and love me bad dont you say to me just a little prayer wake up to reality cause when you touch that girl now”
those are the words to the song it is a quiet song and slow sung by a woman (it sounds abit like sia- but it isnt cause i checked) THANK YOU SO MUCH (WHOEVER WILL FIND THE SONG OR WHOREVER TRYD) :) 3 years ago

kimmerzimmerzShush girl, shut your lips

I did this a LOONNNNGGG time ago. Anyways, the song ended up being Starstrukk but 3OH!3 3 years ago

heather3663carry me carry me

its a older song and it goes like this “carry me carry me cause i can’t make it on my own carry me carry me back home….i new somebody who lost his way bought himself a loaded gun found him lying at the night of day its to late to undo whats already done”
hope someone can help me find this song . I can’t 3 years ago

out_in_d_raindis song..

I heard it on MTV style check one day.. lovely gloomy melody in a baritone.. ‘Its been raining so long.. that when the sun finally comes along.. I dont know if I’ll be able to see the light through.. Ohh I am so used to seeing in the blue…’ its been 4 years n I have googleds it endlessly and in vain :(( 3 years ago


i need to find a song it has the line ‘you belong to me’ in it and it’s a dance song, someone said something about mellon collie but i doubt it’s by them 3 years ago

Ida MiccioALL THE TIME!!!!!

Im always doing this cuz nobody ever says what the song is called EVER!! i remember listening to a song that goes like this “cuz its easy once u know how its done you cant stop now you’ve already begun” its been two years and i still cant find it! 3 years ago


There is a song I heard on a local radio station only once. It had to be the late 90’s early 2000’s, and all I can remember is that it was an R&B song. The part I remember was the singer was on the phone with this girl, or having sex or something, and the girl moaning “trés extraños” and some other spanish words. The song was by an American R&B singer, and was in English. 3 years ago


if you come home with me it will be your lucky night 3 years ago

TamTamRara8Can someone help me please to find the song

i heard a song in a shop it goes like this:”i still belive that she cries from now till the end of time”.
it is sung by a man and i think it i a band but it is not rock 3 years ago

musicbuff40This was on a commercial on Investigation Discovery channel

Not sure if this is correct but it’s something like this: Look around me are familiar faces, warn out faces, warn out places….. it’s a slow song sung by a guy but I have no idea who. 3 years ago

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