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If a person is just not that into you- then stop being jealous of the person they are. Easier said than done right? 2 years ago

KateBetween me and me

I had a fleeting “epiphany” moment… I wonder if it will last.. Please do! 3 years ago


first you have to accept and be happy with your self 3 years ago


yeah… getting there slowly but surely 3 years ago

azyskiHypnotherapy for Jealousy

I went in for hypnotherapy to see if I could fix this problem of mine. Didn’t imagine it would take me back to some deepseated childhood insecurity issues. Who knew?

That was in December of 2010. It is now Feb 2011. So far, I think I’m okay. I’ve caught my boyfriend looking at other girls but I haven’t flipped out. One time he commented on someone being “hot” and I was quick to comment the guy she was with was hot too. That pretty much shut him up.

The hypnotherapist said to mirror what he does to me. I guess it kind of worked for once! 3 years ago

MariaVelvetRoseI shouldn't

I don’t know why but my boyfriend leaves me with that sense of insecurity. Although I have a better appearance than him and generally I am more confident in terms of social interactions, I am afraid. He has a good relationship with girls and he is friendly with them. Am I too insecure or he just does not make me feel safe? 3 years ago

xostephEven though..

I have always had a jealous personality. Nothing out of the ordinary.. just enough to make myself crazy if I got too focused on one thing. I’m much better now, but I still have a ways to go! Even though I feel that I’ve got all I could want, I still find a way to be jealous at times. Silly. 3 years ago

Black_OnyxAll the time...

I hate being jealous becuase when I am… I feel like its a mood that no one should ever feel becuase its not right or something. When thats not true. Jealousy is a mood that lets the one you care for know that you dont ever want to lose them. But then again it can get quite annoying. I hate being so jealous all the time. 3 years ago

Jessica MooreJealous all the time

I am also jealous all the time. Everytime he even TALKS to another girl, i get so jealous. He is actually extremely innocent. The most best boyfriend ever. I told him to stop talking to girls that are just his friends & he has. I feel so mean though. It would be so great if i could just forget all about it, not worry at all, but it’s hard. Even him looking at Meagan Fox on tv, i get sooooooooooooooo jealous it kills me. I end up feeling really moody, but i try not to let him see that but he can really tell.

Going to change, i am. I feel so possessive. 3 years ago


This seems impossible to me… 3 years ago

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