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Focus on achieving goals instead of conceiving them

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FaithNHim777Write Long term goals and short term goals!

I have a lot of work to do here. The Bible says that without a vision, the people will perish. I have no goals, therefore I will take baby steps to write these goals. 2 weeks ago

coruscateSpeaks to me

I really love this goal! Everytime I read it, I’m like .. Yeah!!!
Can’t remember who/ where I got this from… and if I did, I’d say thank you! So, Thanks!!! 3 years ago

coruscateSaw this and it spoke to me!

It’s true… I’m wondering, should I really have ( at present 41) things ? Granted, there have been a number of things acheived – but the pace.. it’s the pace at which the goals are achieved that erks me.

So.. I will focusing on acheiving goals rather than concieving goals – especially when the goals that I’m conceiveing are goals which should already be done!

ya dig?! 4 years ago


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