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TGInstant chai latte mix, 01-2013

This is another one of those items that I don’t even remember where it came from- I’m sure that I didn’t buy it. I guess it’s something my ex picked up years ago. It wasn’t bad (it tasted quite a bit like instant hot cocoa mix) but I wouldn’t buy it again.

“Best by” AUG 08, 2008 so it could be something my ex bought ;)

BTW, “Naturally flavored with other natural flavor”- WTF?8 months ago

TGDried blackeye peas, 01-01-2013

Blackeye peas two entries in a row?! That’s kind of funny, because I normally only eat them once or twice a year.

I used these with the leftover Christmas ham bone to make Hoppin’ John soup, a traditional New Year’s Day meal. For some reason I haven’t made it in a while, and my daughter didn’t remember ever having it before. She liked, it, though.

The “1/07” written on the bag is when I bought them, so they were 6 years old. Dried legumes are good for a long time! ;)8 months ago

TGCanned blackeye peas, 09-2012

I’m not even sure where I got these! “Great Value” is a Walmart brand and I very rarely shop at Walmart for anything, let alone for groceries. I get the feeling I may have “inherited” these after one of my spring camping trips with my friends Dan and Tom.

And I’m so far behind on posting entries for this goal that I don’t remember what I did with these. My guess would be that I just added some bean seasoning I have and served them as a side dish. From what I remember, they pretty much tasted like any canned beans.

“Best by” date was Aug. 12, 2009, so they were about 4 years old. They were fine. 9 months ago

TGDried chives, 09-2012

I don’t like onions, so I tend to use chives pretty sparingly. And during the warmer months I have fresh chives in my back yard. So a jar of dried chives lasts me a long time ;) I’m not sure when I got these- it’s not a really ancient McCormick’s label, but it was probably still several years old. 12 months ago

TGArena Blanca Gew├╝rztraminer wine, 09-2012

I picked this up when I was on vacation in southern New Mexico in December of 2007. I wouldn’t say that this was my favorite Gew├╝rztraminer, I think it was a bit too sweet, but it was still good :)14 months ago

TGHooters hot sauce, 07-2012

I couldn’t find a “Best by” date on this one, but I know I’ve had it for over five years. I got it during an after-Christmas clearance sale. It was in one of those gift sets they always have at the discount stores at Christmas time for when you haven’t found a thoughtful present but just have to pick something up ;) I actually only bought it because I wanted the ceramic Hooters cracker & cheese tray that came with it. The sauce reminded me a lot of the original Frank’s hot sauce- too vinegary for me. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made by Frank’s for Hooters. 15 months ago

TGBacardi Gold rum, 07-2012

Rum is probably my favorite hard liquor, and I think that this was the last bottle I had in the house :( It’s not exactly a fancy rum, but it’s still tasty- and I love the Bacardi bat :)

I have no idea when I bought this, other than it was at least a few years ago. 15 months ago

TGRaisins, 06-2012

“Best before 25MAY2011,” so they were only a year out of date ;)

There were a little dried out, but I normally just use raisins in cooking (especially oatmeal) so they were fine. 15 months ago

TGSugar Smacks cereal, 06-2012

I’m not sure if this was really Sugar Smacks or a generic. And I guess I don’t buy it very often, since I didn’t realize that Sugar Smacks were renamed Honey Smacks- 9 years ago, according to Wikipedia!

I bought this sometime last year for a camping trip, then kind of forgot about the remainder when we got back home. Usually items like this keep very well in our dry climate but when I pulled this bag out in June it was all stuck together & stale. I dumped it in the compost pile (aka “the squirrel feeder :P). 15 months ago

tangerine_nowNot all that much stashed!

I checked the larder. I don’t have any ancient stuffs lurking in there, something about which I am almost sad. :D It would have been nice.
Anyway: it’s not worthwhile for me to keep the goal. I’m ‘giving up’. Boo! 16 months ago

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