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i GOT THE ONE GIG U28 years ago

Rob MarshallGot it.

Well, it’s worth it so far. The only thing I don’t like at the moment is the set of earphones that come with it. 9 years ago


I may be getting one for my birthday. hopes for the 1gb one9 years ago

Rob MarshallThe waiting is killing me...

It’s been ordered for a while, but I’ll finally be getting my M3 tomorrow on Monday. 9 years ago


Because its so damn fly!

I hope to get in for my b-day in may. 9 years ago


Its just soo cool you can rip right off a cd player it is the size of a pack of gum, it recoreds radio..who listens to the radio any more?? And the one gig is only $180.00 it has a screen its just the best, for me at least. 9 years ago

Rob MarshallThe M3.

Drool. 9 years ago


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