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you should watch this, specially if you are really bored 10 months ago

Fudgehog15I'm finaly

Caught up with my south park and im ready for the video game 21 months ago

Fudgehog15Or at least

A new episode because i really I’m up to date and waiting for the video game <333 21 months ago

Danielle SkodakUntitled

I’ve watched every single episode to date :) 21 months ago


Triple check! ;) 1 year ago


it could be funny sometimes but extremely inapropiate. 2 years ago

Jovan MenčićUntitled

ok, this one looks simple, but what if I get hooked upon again?!? so many episodes, so many seasons.. Great show! 2 years ago


Southpark is one of the best shows on TV. They are able to put out a new episode in a week and are able to really tackle some good issues. Check it out you may just enjoy it more then you think. 3 years ago


I’m all caught up. I think I’ve seen every episode now. Such an underrated show. It’s not just juvenile humor (bonus), but witty social commentary, and so many quotable lines. hilarious. 3 years ago

Christopher MartinFunny

So I spent years not wanting to watch it because of what I heard about it. I am a Family Guy kind of person. But I was up late one night playing WOW when it came on. It was the episode where Cartman had guys paint poo on Butters’ living room walls. Now CARTMAN makes my day every time I hear his voice. It is well worth it to watch and I like it more than Family Guy lol 3 years ago

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