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piantahow to

decline a date-invitation
if your dater-man is boring and you have better things to do?

answers requested! 13 months ago

piantabefore I could

Before when I was a kid I hadn’t any problem to say ‘no’. They told me I was egoistic and I should try to be more friendly. With time I got that I need people so I had to be friendly with everyone coz you never know when you’ll need their help again.

And nowadays I get so angry with myself (and also with the other person) if I say ‘yes’ without want that thing. Actual example: My roomie asked me for my scissors, she wanted to cut her hair. We have a scissors in the kitchen but she didn’t want to take that one. And of course she had no scissors because she have not anything at all, she’s just a ‘let me borrow this’-chick! And I said ‘yes, have mine. I hope it won’t be dull after.’ and she was like ‘no, I don’t think it would get dull. but if you mind…’ – ‘no, just take it.’

And now I’m aaaaargggas!! I’m just agry and have a dull scissor later on!! Fk me! Fk my roomie! I could add many more examples.

From now on I won’t borrow to here nothing if I don’t want to borrow it to her. From now on I won’t do anything I don’t want to do. And that’s not egoistic at all, it’s self-determined! 15 months ago

BuistyFelt the need to post this. 3 years ago

vindicatedmuseI'm a changed person

I was always the girl that people would go to for everything and I was constantly overwhelmed due to not being able to say no. By saying no to the less important aspects in life I’ve managed to find more time for myself. No one has reacted negatively to this. I’m more relaxed and my relationships with people are no longer strained by feeling the urge to continuously say yes to all their wishes! Definitely worth doing! Good luck to everyone else :) 3 years ago

JW 1096I always was the can do girl.........

And now I’ve decided to prioritise what’s important to me, and if its not on that list, I’m going to start saying no to it. Instead of saying yes to everything that comes along, I will give myself 2 seconds before answering. That will give me time to assess whether or not this is something I actually really want to do, or am I just saying yes to make someone else happy. I will be confident in saying the no, and not justify or explain myself. This relates I’m sure to my chronic low self esteem, which I am going to improve by learning the art of the no. 4 years ago


Learning to prioritize (and sticking to it!) has really helped me learn how to say no. By realizing that the only way to achieve my long term career goals is to put my health first, it has become MUCH easier to be honest about my circumstances, and say ‘no’ to things that might aggravate my symptoms.

Today was the first day in my entire life when someone asked me what I do for work, and I told them I am managing chronic illnesses so I am not working at the moment – just working to get my symptoms under control. It was such a great feeling to be able to know that I didn’t, and won’t need to, pretend with that person from that moment on. I didn’t have to pretend like I am constantly ‘doing’ things in order to please other peoples ideas of how I should live my life, being ‘young and healthy’ and all. Pfft.

Health comes first, and I am now really working towards implementing that with integrity and honesty, with no apologies.

Next step: Tell my course provider/s. Scary, but hopefully will be worth it.

I can only encourage everyone else who has this goal to prioritize your life, and in a way that works for YOU. This might take a little (or a lot) of being honest with yourself, but you will work out what is truly important to you, and everything else will just fall into place! :)

Loving the impact this goal is having on my life. Discernment helps, and psychology too :) 4 years ago

WhiteTea3Good Heavens: People are Rude!

The past two people who came through my office didn’t listen when I told them NO. I’m trying to keep people from entering my office, no pleasantries, just “I need” and expecting me to jump. I work at a desk, and one guy asked, “Are you busy?” He looked shocked when I said, “Yes,” and continued typing an email. He said, “but you’re just sitting there,” and laughed. and stood there. waiting for me to acknowledge him again. He tried to hand me a USB drive and said,”You just need to print this out for me.”

That’s when I should have said NO!!!! and left the room. Instead, I said, “no, I’m not going to be able to print that out for you.” He just stood there. smiling at me. I ignored him until he went away to find someone else to print out his document.

Important Note: The guy isn’t my boss, isn’t my customer and isn’t typically so rude (so I didn’t know to run when he first entered the room.) 5 years ago


right now i am saying no to one person, so i guess that i am kinda’ doing this right now.

A whole discussion about using came up as a result of it.

I find it hard to say no because i always see how siple it is to do something for someone rather than all the obstacles… however when it comes to doing something for myself i only see things in reverse….how depressing right?

Well recently i’ve actually been trying to work on that….
I did art for two days hile still smoking and it felt so good, but then i jumped right back to complacency and here i am again.. mentally constipated.

Am i really fucked up in the head? Sometimes i feel that way. I just let things happen to me. Again as a result of another messed up theory. i believe in “just being” however, can two individuals just be without one encroaching on the other’s space? Without one having to make compromises for the other? or do both parties actually…is it possible for both parties to actually equally compromise but in different ways with both [arties actually recognishing that they are both compromising equally without a thought of “i am doing more” entering and taking over one’s thought pattern?

Are we humanly capable of that?...

how is it possible to say no to someone, something, oneself if you hold true to the idea of just being?........

AGAIN! .........COMPROMISES!.......


When are the lines drawn and who draws the lines and what couses the lines to be drawn?

Are questions and answers just like….can it be equated to desires and satisfaction?.....

SAY NO!........ 5 years ago


I did not do this today. Got one more thing added to my TODOLIST at work….. 5 years ago

Bobby HsuPriorities. Priorities. Priorities

Why do I keep everyone’s priorities above mine… and so I end up saying yes to everyone! 6 years ago

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