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Gg 2 months ago


Today I bought trainers, leggings and socks!! 11 months ago


To drop 5kg 15 months ago

paulacarrNew shoes

3,5 e sabado, às 7.00 horas
Correr meia hora 17 months ago

jet91st run training log

10/10/2012 (Wednesday) 7:30pm
Dry, still, not too cold
Warm-up: Fast walk 0.6 mile
Jog: 2 mile
Fast jog (keeping up with some other runners out on their training!):
0.5 mile
Jog: 0.7 mile
During: Good. Was focusing on maintaining a comfortable pace and getting a steady comfortable jog. Until I got competitive and decided to chase the runners! That got me to maximum effort – but I kept going and slowed down my pace until I’d fully recovered.
After: My legs were like jelly for a bit – although I kept walking until I’d cooled down. Then I did stretches before getting in the car. I got a stitch in my upper-right side (ribcage) during the warm-down walk.
My legs were pretty stiff and sore (at the top near the hips) on the second day after running. 18 months ago

jet93.2 mile run

As part of the beginnings of my running training for the 10k in 7 weeks, I did a preliminary run of 3.2 miles (wow – I just calculated it!) – that’s more than I thought!
Plus as a warm-up / warm-down I did a 1.2 mile fast/slow walk (wow that’s more than I thought too!)
I haven’t done any running for months. But I have been going to circuits and swimming every week – which has probably helped my fitness. I’ve done hardly any walking recently though. I’m really happy with this.
I drank a small cappuccino before heading out. Perhaps the caffeine helped?!
The run along the prom has notable headwind. Getting stronger once on the new prom.
Hmm that was a fair bit of mileage. The race course is apparently 10k – which is 6.5. miles? The course seems a lot longer than advertised. I’m going to check it out on google maps! 18 months ago


I was wondering if I should mark this goal done. I have done many sprints to catch bus/tram/train, meetings, or my classes.
Does it count as running? Obviously yes! But it is cheating.
This is not about how many goals have been marked done, it is not like to-do list that we would like to finish them as soon as possible. It should be worth doing and meaningful, otherwise is pointless. 22 months ago


Test 23 months ago


5k under 24 mins
10k under 48mins
10 mile – 1.20
Half Mara – 1.45 1 year ago


Atleast 3 times a week. It’s Tuesday do I guess we’d, thurs, fri is it! 2 years ago

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