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LoveTheRainTook a long walk today

The reality is that running isn’t for me. I do a bunch of other stuff and this activity just isn’t right now. I covered miles today, and I’m totally fine with the fact that that was walking and not running. I’m giving up on this, but don’t see that as a failure in any way. 2 years ago

LoveTheRainJanuary is over and I didn't do this

That is disappointing. 2 years ago

LoveTheRainJanuary goal

Get down the gym and run one mile – just one and just once! 2 years ago

Robin ChungNike Lunar shoes - my recommendations.

Hello runners!

Being an avid runner myself (half marathons) I have to say that shoes are essential. There’re different type of footwear that excel at various types of runners and trainings. To give you some handles on this, here’s a short list:

Short runs/sprints
For shorter runs you will want a narrow shoe that is light and shapes to your feet. You might want to try shoes like the: Nike LunarHaze

Longer runs/support shoes
If you overpronate or underpronate during your runs, or want a shoe that goes a long way without irritation, you may want to look at the Nike Lunarglide or Lunareclipse

Nike Free 3.0 – 5.0 – 7.0
These are very special shoes. They are very light and simulate a barefoot experience. You either love them or you hate them. Nike uses an internal numbering system to determine the amount of stability. 3 is the lightest shoe with the least amount of ballast, while 7 is slightly higher/heavier. In comparison 13 is considered a normal shoe. Here’s my review of the Nike free 3.0 v2

Good luck on buying the right shoe and finding a painless run! 2 years ago


Need to run 3 times a week 2 years ago


Get leg strength back up them reverse the run and take on my original route. 4 years ago


Recharge gps 4 years ago


10k event 4 years ago

Hobby_GirlHere's what had happened...

I wear yoga pants all the time, right? Some are significantly more flowey than others,right?

Well, I was dashing somewhere in the house for some reason and caught my toe in the hem of a pant leg – who would or could make this up?? – and fell hard, bending said toe the wrong direction and ultimately landing on my hip.

I’m not even bruised but the spots I landed on sure kept me awake last night. Please, teacher, can this be my get-outa-gym pass for the past few days? 4 years ago

Hobby_GirlLead foot

Oh man, why do I want to pound my joints like this? Because I’ve always imagined myself able to just go outside and head in a direction – no need for a gym or equipment. My feet are so heavy when I run that it’s been impossible. I just read ChiRunning and hope the whole pelvic rotation/loose ankle thing works. If I can achieve lift-off before the end of December the ability to run will validate the end of cigarettes.

Run Hobby_Girl, run! 4 years ago

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