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A Girl in the Curloof, I really should work on this one

I have been away from 43 for a few months, maybe.
in that time, it’s funny how much I’ve come to realize that 43 really does do something for you. Looking at the goals daily, in an effort to get rid of them, or post about them, whatever, you do get a reinforcing of these things that are merely ideals at the time, but they do follow you around when you’re not online.

My point: I work with a lot of catty bitches. they’ve really done a number on my self-esteem, and self-worth. Coming back, I see a difference in the me that was here before working, to the me that’s here now.

I’ve taken my place as the omega female and get repeatedly beaten down by the alpha-females.

Lesson: don’t be away from my self-affirming 43 for so long :) 6 years ago

A Girl in the CurlI learned something about myself today

I don’t get snippy or bark at people when the shit is going down.

My manager on the other hand… 7 years ago

A Girl in the CurlLoser

I just used this word to describe myself to a friend in the IM window.

This isn’t Being Impeccable by a long shot.

I can’t help but feel this way at this very moment, though.
I’m hitting a wall with the jobsearch and it’s affecting my mood.

I need to have my physical Ineterim Permit so I can apply for the City and County hospital job, and I have yet to receive the hard copy of my card, because the state board of nursing is backed up.

I need my RN but I couldn’t schedule the exam until August 8th.

I thought I was in one residency, but what I was in was the pile of applications and resumes that are being considered for the job. I called the recruiter yesterday and she must have called the ICU director, who called me and left a message saying to call her back after 4 pm, which I did, and it just rang and rang, until about 4:30, when she answered it and said she’d have to call me back; she was still in meetings.

I’m no fool, “meetings” means “interviews.”

Since this residency was supposed to start August 1st, I’m assuming what she would have said was “thank you, we filled the position”

And since she didn’t call back, and hasn’t yet today, I’m thinking more and more this is the message I’ll get.

The other Residency that I had fell thru when the ICU director of that hospital decided they wanted to interview and train their own candidates, without putting them thru the residency first. I apparently didn’t get that one either, but was offered having my resume thrown into the pile of people clammoring for the med surg openings. Needless to say, I respectfully declined.

I have this interview next friday. The dog and pony show. Where they will quiz me, rake me over the coals and see if I’m the best person out of the many applying to pay for my own training, which they’ll reimburse IF they decide they like me…and I’ll get to travel 2 hours in one direction twice a week for the pleasure of this self-paid training.

I’m so sick of this grind.
it’s really working me. 7 years ago

A Girl in the CurlYesterday

I saw stuff about myself that I wasn’t aware of.
I really am socially awkward.

I must have met 200 people yesterday. (yay! some of them were 43 peeps!)

I drove home from the last thing wondering why I have such a hard time breaking the ice. Can it be that since I’ve abstained from any social lubricant (alcohol) since I’ve gotten back from New York that I’m at a deficit, somehow.

I used to think I could overcome my shyness and that I could more or less pretend I was gracious and outgoing.

I need to think about this more.
not that I need to overcome this, or “fix” it…I think shyness is lovely to some degree and I don’t mind shy people or think they’re at a deficit unless they’re gregarious and outgoing…

I just want to understand this about myself.
when I’m more elloquent and don’t have to go on and on like this :) 7 years ago

A Girl in the Curlhmm

I’ve always known, and everyone around me has always remarked that the least task or goal is always somehow more difficult for me.

It seems the cosmos has always got to throw some wrench in it for me…always.

Take the other day, for example.

Most of my friends have already passed the boards, received their RN licence and gotten jobs.

I came back here, from out of state, had to submit the forms, had a hitch in that, and always it seems that no amount of forward planning or preparation gets me smoothly transitioned to anything.

My husband started seeing this about 10 years ago, and said “I thought you were just saying that, or it was about your past, but really, things do seem to always work out to be harder for you”

More hurdles.

Anyway, I think my self-judgement lately is not only that I have this working against me, but that I’m capable and strong enough to overcome these things without too much set back.

I’m used to working hard, but just once I’d like a nice downhill coast…maybe just once in a while? 7 years ago

A Girl in the Curlok, here goes

not to sound like Stuart Smalley but my preceptor really did a number on me.

I really want to sit down and write out the things she’s planted in my head, and sweep them away.

I need to meditate on it, and see what she put there, and what’s there on it’s own…it needs to be gone, no matter what. 7 years ago

Elderbear is subverting the dominant paradigm.Loving the Self Hater

A Long time ago in a city far away, full of congested traffic, I was struggling to become more “New Age.” I had one of those “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” bumper stickers on my car, and a dozen new age books on the shelf, just oozing their good karma down on me. I also had a large collection of (unread) self-help books.

Every time I’d drive, I found myself cursing the traffic, and even making rude finger gestures at certain drivers. My horn button had worn out twice in the past year.

One day I was rushing to make a light and got slowed down by the oblivious driver in front of me. He muddled through the yellow light leaving me stuck at the red. I vehemently sounded my horn and invoked enough foul language to interest the EPA.

And then I felt terrible. Instead of practicing a random act of kindness, I had acted badly. Shame on me! How could I be such a failure?

But, now I’m judging myself! That’s BAD!!! I’m bad for judging myself.

Oh, oh … That’s another self-judgment! That’s BAD!!! I’m bad for judging myself for judging myself …

I’m bad for judging myself for judging myself for judging myself …

I’m bad for judging myself for judging myself for judging myself for judging myself …

Sometime before my mind melted down from this attempt at infinte judgmental recursion, an epiphany happened. I caught the miracle:

A different voice in my head said: “Isn’t it wonderful that I have such a keen sense of right and wrong?”

The sinister inner-Judge paused his infinite spiral into self-hatred, unsure of what to say.

“Isn’t it wonderful that I have such a keen sense of right and wrong?” Instead of coming from a place of judgment, my inner lover had wrapped my inner judge in a warm hug of acceptance.

That was too much. My inner judge slunk away. Each time I judged him, he grew and gained power. But now love and acceptance had silenced hime. 8 years ago

ladybirdThis is one of those permanent goals

Since I changed my self judgement a great deal, i marked this goal as done, but I definitly want to keep doing it! 8 years ago


isn’t this something?
I am so proud for being able to be good even at my lousy current job which I have no interest/predispositions/motivation for. Look, world, how genious am I! Hmmm what is to be proud about such a stupid situation.
Then I wander why I’m not drawn to things I like. Of course I am not drawn to things I like if I am proud for doing something I dislike. It seams obvious but this question was bothering me at least last 3 years, it was my main obstacle. Now it is gone. 8 years ago

Silly Drowacontinuing to do this

really aware of how these self-judgements are serving me! 8 years ago

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