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2pacsgalGoing to school

I am going to take an auto mechanic course sometime next year .And my plan is to learn as much as possible about car engine and repair before hand so I can have most of it down pat and hopefully it will be a breeze once the time comes 3 years ago

chadlerEngines, mostly

I need to fix cars, but mainly I’d like to install a race engine into a Mustang or something. And no, I know nothing about race engines, or Mustangs (basic things). Cars are important, everyone should learn about them. 5 years ago


wont to find a camaro to work on 5 years ago

elizahelenIsn't it sexy....

when you know how to do this. 5 years ago

dejayzsFix cars

is there any online websits explaining how to fix a 1994 mazda 121 5 years ago


learn how to fix cars 5 years ago


be alot cheaper if I could fix my own car 6 years ago


im tryin 2 learn about cars 6 years ago


Okay, I want to fix my car. I can fix some of it, but I want to be able to know what’s wrong right away when it breaks. I mean, I know something is shorting out my starter solenoid, but what? and how do I find out? and how do I fix it without taking to a shop who will demand my first born to fix it?......See? SOOOO….that is my goal. To be independent when it comes to my car too. AHHH!!! Anyway….if you have advice…..I will take it. 6 years ago

steffaleffI Did It!

Today my dad taught me how to do the front brakes on my car.
He did the left, I did the right. After, I changed my oil completely by myself and put a new serpentine belt on the car.
I haven’t been this excited in awhile…I’m just happy I can depend on myself. 7 years ago

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