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DauphineBackslid badly

Had to take care of an elderly relative 24-7 for nine days in hospital. Not enough sleep and what sleep I got was constantly interrupted by her need for help. I am very glad I did it (I’ve done it for her before on three other occasions) but I didn’t realize that because I’m now eleven years older than I was the last time we did this - and that time she slept through the night every night - that I would pay dearly for the sleep deprivation.
I woke up today at 4 pm, but for the first day in 2.5 weeks, I felt fairly rested.
I’m determined to go to sleep at 10 and get up when my alarm goes off. I know if I can get one night of regularly-scheduled sleep I can get back to normal. 3 months ago

starsoverglasgowStop oversleeping!

I’m so very guilty of this. I snooze my alarm clock over and over, and end up rushing into the day feeling like I’m constantly catching up. Worse, at the weekends, I frequently sleep in very late (1-2pm) and consequently feel like I’ve wasted the day.

So, this goal is to get up on time, when the alarm goes off the first time, so I have plenty of time to get up and have a shower and get ready for the day. And yes, that includes the weekends too! A little long lie is permitted, but not past 10am. Deal? 3 months ago


its hard but worth trying hard… 3 months ago


I need several alarm clocks, and a boyfriend who’s willing to dump a glass of cold water directly into my face. Or something else equally awful. Maybe an alarm clock with one of those cartoon boxing gloves attached, that will punch me awake.

Or an alarm clock that blares Christian radio stations. If I died, and someone at my funeral started up with the preachy-shit, I would wake up, climb out of my coffin, and zombie-eat their stupid, bible-loving face off.

So yeah. Cold water in the face, an alarm clock that punches me awake, or one that yells Jesus shit at me until I break it.

I’m a night person. Fuck you. 3 months ago

DauphineIt's been working.

I’ve been working on being in bed by 9, lights out by 10, up at 6:30. It’s getting better. I can tell that if I showered, laid out my clothes, and made my lunch at night before bed, it would be easier to get up in the morning. So this week and next, I’m going to work on showering at night. 7 months ago


I can’t think about getting up or not; I just have to do it :P 9 months ago


SO BADLY12 months ago


This goal is going weell… 12 months ago

niekoolienI'm getting there

Waking up early, i love it! 12 months ago


I got up on time but I am still at home because of illness but at least I could prepare the breakfast for us. 12 months ago

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