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I lived to tell the tale of the girl whose clickity clanks echoed through campus. Whoo hooo! happy dance

However I am not ready to mark this goal off as I definitely felt pretty wobbly and not super comfortable with my stride. With more practice though I feel that I will get there. 2 years ago

makeyourself23Click, clack....

I am going to embark into the world of snow, ice, and slippery floors with some heeled boots today gulp. Hopefully all goes well, although last week I took a bad fall from tripping on shoelaces…so yeah. Klutzes cross your fingers for me! 2 years ago

makeyourself23More practice!

I’m practicing right now as I clean my room. :D 2 years ago

makeyourself23Mild improvement

I have went out in heels at least 3 times now so I have been getting a bit better. However not to the point where I can strut it out with confidence and gusto! 2 years ago

TheDarlingDameDid it!

Now I own three pairs 2 years ago


why is this so hard? I walk around the house on the balls of my feet, but for some reason heels hurt. Maybe because the heels I have are two dollars? Or is this the “breaking in heels” pain I’ve never been aquainted to? I don’t know, but either way, it’s painful. 2 years ago

emmasaurusPractice makes perfect....hopefully!

Keeping my heels on all day today! I’ve fallen over twice so far and I’ve only had them on since 10am! Not the best start, but a start nonetheless. I aim to be dancing in them by Christmas! :P 2 years ago


I have a pair of divine Jessica Simpson black heels. I bought them for when I have to be fancy and they look great! Now to just walk in them… 2 years ago


Although I am able to walk in them it isn’t a particularly flattering walk. Basically I want to feel comfortable and confident in my heels and ROCK them. 2 years ago


:) Going out tonight for a friends birthday dinner. Going to wear 9cm (3.5 inch) heels with my dress because they’re gorgeous black ones and flats don’t compliment the dress. The walk from the station to the restaurant is about ten minutes. Hope I can last, going to practice walking around the house now before I leave 2 years ago

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