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Still haven’t joined a running club, and am still fairly friend-less in my new town. This must change! Will update next month and expect myself to have made more effort by then. 3 months ago

Angelika HanssonVery ongoing :-)

The past few years I have come to know two wonderful colleagues, four fantastic mums with children the same age as my son. I have also found a fine fine new friend and I have joined a sewing circle full of interesting persons – life is good :-) 3 months ago


There are 13,765 people on 43things.com who’d like to make new friends – why don’t we all just be friends? :) 4 months ago

iamdariaNew friends

Met new friends at work in the form of coworkers. Not the same as old friends though, and never will be, but great great company nonetheless. :)
Oh, and foreign friends. Foreigners are interesting. They teach you a lot about culture and stuff. Yeah, stuff. Foreign stuff. 5 months ago


This is the first goal that I quit. I am a loner. Even when I made friends (elementary school, middle and high school; work, Summer vacation, etc), I was the one who tried to keep in touch – never the other person.

I kept this goal up for 3 years, but I have been trying to find my a couple BFF for almost 10. 6 months ago


I’ve made a couple of new friends since moving here, but not nearly been as social as I should have been. I must bite the bullet and get around to joining the running club. 6 months ago

Ajay kumarUntitled

one true friend equal to lots of neighbours… 6 months ago

AmandaMWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend

Kinda 2 birds with 1 stone. Currently reading this on my Kindle. About 25% done, interesting thus far. I usually read fiction, but this book is quirky and cute. Maybe I can get some tips from it!

If anything, I’m at least trying to connect with old friends/work friends more too…
:) 6 months ago


this side manju garg 7 months ago


Message me, the doors of perception are open. 7 months ago

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