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where to go? 2 years ago

Hyacinth GirlBeing good to my skin

I wear sunscreen on my face every day. I will continue to do this year-round, not just during the summer. I also carry both a facial suncreen and a body sunscreen with me at all times, just in case. I’m considering this goal FINISHED!!! 2 years ago

Carmel McAreeSunscreen

I want to continue doing this without fail! 2 years ago

Hyacinth GirlDry sunscreen

I just bought a dry sunscreen to try. It’s SPF 25. I’m hoping to carry it in my purse to use after work, or on days where I want to protect myself from the sun, but don’t want to use a heavy cream sunscreen. 2 years ago

sammeeeI always forget.

Sometimes when I wear make-up, my foundation has SPF 15… But it’s really not enough and covers only a small area. Trying to build sunscreen into my routine! Any recommendations on a good sunscreen for the face? 2 years ago

Hyacinth GirlScorcher!

I went for two walks in the hot sun today, and both times I applied sunscreen to my face and body. 2 years ago

Hyacinth GirlUntitled

I have been using a daily moistuizer with SPF 30 by Roc. It’s not bad, but it definitely feels like I’m wearing sunscreen. I also have a facial sunscreen by Clinique and a spray sunscreen by Roc in my purse, so I’m never without, but I’ve still had a few minor burns this summer. Not good. I need to protect myself consistently.

I’d still like to find a better everyday facial sunscreen. I’m thinking of trying La Roche Posay Anthelios, and I’d also be interested in trying a mineral powder sunscreen for touch-ups. I’ve heard Bare Escentuals has a good one. Any suggestions? 2 years ago


I’m kinda already doing this, just need to be more regular :D 2 years ago

scarletpimIt's an easy habit when

you make your sunscreen part of your moisturizer. 3 years ago


im mexican 3 years ago

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