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MikeGeniusProject Hunk

Loose 30kg and Exercise regularly 7 months ago

SlickGal712712How I could start looking great

Got a great hairstyle for myself I believe. Got my body in the perfect looking shape to look great I believe. Probably what I still need to end up doing is to switch my glasses to contacts, start wearing makeup and wearing it correctly, and get a way better looking wardrobe. :) 8 months ago

mabele03Looking Great?

For me this means being healthy and active and taking care of yourself in every area of your life. Physically (thats a given) but also mentally because if you are happy with yourself from within it totally radiates and makes you look 10 times better. I have a long way to go to “look great” or atleast ny version of great I look good now but I know I can look better. Thats what these next 4\5 months are gonna be about for me. 8 months ago


This is so important! I try to do this every day, obviously some day more successfully than others. I believe if you look great, it helps you feel great. And let’s admit it, who doesn’t feel really good inside when you catch admiring glimpses here and there. Especially from cute boys. :) 10 months ago


Doesn`t everyone want to look great? I do. And I think many of us do, too. They just don`t say it out load. But this wish, this thought is always in our minds. Well, okay, sometimes all we can want – is to look decent. Especially, in those autumn mornings when it`s still dark outside and there hasn`t been a beam of sunshine for days..
But what then does make a person look great- especially if there hasn`t been enough time to get ready..
I`d say that looking great means you have to feel great. Okay, one can wear the most beautiful clothes and have the perfect hair and everything. But if there`s that coldness and emptiness in their eyes, then… it really doesn`t matter.
It`s all about inner energy.
And sometimes.. well, actually .. now it`s been for quite some time- that I haven`t felt that energy inside me. And I`m wondering – what it will take- for me to get that energy back. Or what I would have to do- to get a new, unexperienced level of energy inside me.
How to recharge myself?
It looks like I`ve been stuck with these questions for quite some time. And I believe, I`m not the only one. 11 months ago

Camilla_76Looking great and feeling great

I have got to say that life has its toll on your body if you do not constantly keep maintaining your life. In previous posts I explained my life and how it went totally downhill for a number of years and then with some focus and determination I was able to bring my health back and get to a stage where I feel totally amazing. Its how you treat your life and what you do to make you feel great. Once you start feeling great you start to shine which radiates leading you to look great. Remember you are a star and you are special. I also did alot of reading when I was down and this site helped me the most of which I still refer to regularly to push myself back into line with feeling and looking great. The site is http://fitness-4gswcqzf.thetruthfulreviews.com 12 months ago

charles akpoI want to be a great politician

I want to lead the people of ivory coast. I want to be the next president of my country , after Allassane Ouattara in order to realise all the vision of the NWO. I need the support of our GLOBAL FAMILY. 13 months ago

Jackie FloydUntitled

Sort of linked to getting rid of 500 things and decluttering. Jewelery now sorted, stored simply and efficiently and now ready to be worn..which i did today 15 months ago

Nathaniel MoikabiIgnore trends

Trends change almost by the hour so it will be costly to follow them. Instead, focus on defining your own individual style. Being unique is hotter than being a carbon copy of a fashion magazine.

See Chatterclub.biz for more help. 20 months ago


i want to impress everyone through my looks hahaha 22 months ago

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