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learn the true cost and, when possible, pay it

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the environmental impacts of the livestock industry are enormous. 3 years ago

tamaribuAnil Gupta

and the Honey Bee Network recognize the creativity of traditional knowledge holders and grassroots innovators and finds ways to insure that the proceeds of their contribution accrue to them. 3 years ago

tamaribuEllen Ruppel Shell's

book: Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture (ironically on major sale over at amazon.com) 3 years ago

tamaribuwhat's the real cost

of air conditioning our office? what might a carbon offset consist of? for the whole thing or on a per person basis.

I’m interested in finding out what the energy consumption is for the HVAC, but especially AC. Maybe this can be a project for class. 3 years ago

tamaribufood, clothes, energy

the cost of these basics are so deeply discounted. between the spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the war in Iraq, the real costs of oil are nearly unfathomable. and I’m not sure that I, or anyone else, can honestly afford to pay.

besides (or sometimes instead of?) finding ways to consume less, I’m thinking about ways to figure out costs in a more perfect world. then, in a carbon offset kind of way, where might I put my $ that would represent a proportional investment in systemic change? 3 years ago


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