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i really need my g.e.d i promised my dad he is in jail and im a diabetic insulin dependent 14 months ago


i really would appreciate if u can help me get my ged,i would do anything thats needed to complete this test,yhank you. 15 months ago

srburki1991I want to better my life

I have goals i need to accomplish. 15 months ago

chatwood ralpohealPlease help me get my ged online for free.

the reasons are that i was very young and had a baby had to drop out of school.And had to work to make a living so i never had time to go back to school,because it was all ways work.the bills always take all the money so there is never enough for me to pay to go to schoolso could you please help me get my ged online for free… 18 months ago

romanzolanskimy dream

I really need my GED2 years ago


I’ve been trying for a long time to get my ged and i don’t have the money..i would love to have my ged where i could go to college and get a degree.. 2 years ago


Help me get my GED please 2 years ago


I need to get my GED. So that I can better my family. 2 years ago


i need to get my ged by the 23rd of nov… 2 years ago


i am a single mom trying to ged my ged at no cost olease help me 2 years ago

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