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learn martial arts

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Do you people ever post? 18 months ago


My god this goal is dead. Dont you people talk at all? Report your progress? Anything? Geez. Most of the goals im on update daily. 19 months ago


Yo. Im Keno Teteraskaideka (my screen nme at least). Nice to meet all of you. I study Shaolin Kenpo style martial arts, but i want to get better. MUCH better. So here i am. 19 months ago

jenhollottGot a uniform

It’s a bit bit though 20 months ago

Tom MartinWhat Kind of Martial Art?

I want to learn some kind of martial art, preferably more than one. Kung Fu, Karate, and Taekwondo are ones I have some experience in and am interested in developing further. 20 months ago


White belt level one 21 months ago


I took up Ving Tsun Kung Fu for a year, but it was not what I was looking for. Then I tried kendo, but now I’m sure I want a combination of empty hand and weaponry. So ninjutsu is next. 2 years ago

twistedthoughtsdefend myself

Kalari or Karate, I need to learn some martial art to defend myself physically. The world is not that safe for girls. So we need to be strong both physically and emotionally. I think martial arts strengthens you in both the ways. 2 years ago

sillystarDecide on a martial art style

It’s important to establish what your reasons are for learning a martial art, which will help you choose a style. If you want something very practical for self-defense in a real-world fight, you might consider Krav Maga, Muay Thai, or some form of mixed martial arts. My main goals are to get exercise, learn the techniques, and have fun.

Location is also important. Much like a gym, if the facility is too far away from your house or work, you’re not going to be motivated to attend. After all that research, I realized a Japanese karate dojo was the closest to my house, so I ended up signing up for their trial period in August 2011 to see if I liked it. 2 years ago

mudskippaFirst lesson done!

Well I went to an mma class last night – very proud as I went all on my ownsome, and I can be a pussy about these things.

I am happy to say I loved it! I’ll definitely be going back :) 2 years ago

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