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try surfing

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In summer 2014 in South America…hopefully ;) 12 months ago

Adik DziatanWohooo! Did it :)

Finally tried it and loved it. I traveled to Costa de Caipirica, Portugal this September, and took few classes with other international guys. Was fun!!! 18 months ago

sagebMust accomplish by 40

I really, really want to do this someday: http://surfwithhollybeck.com/

or this: http://www.nantucketsurfari.com/surfari.htm 2 years ago


i`ve been wanting to do this for a long time…so for my vacation this year I went to a surf camp in Costa Rica. it was so much fun..but i have to admit surfing is very hard. totally worth doing though! 2 years ago


I was about to try surfing during my two month exchange in Australia, but that day when we were supposed to go, I got sick :< and then I had to return to Finland where I live. So, encouraged by my american friend (she loooves surfing!), I will do it someday! 3 years ago

Lady YulianUntitled

it was sooooo fun!! being alone in the mid of the sea yet pretty scary tho cuz for telling the truth, im afraid of any weird-shaped sea animal, but it felt so darn good. im not being too much, it is what it is. everytime i surfed, i felt my skin tone became more exotic :D teehee. and i oughtta admit that it is addictive! rocka’ \m/ 3 years ago

JustSomeRandomDudeNot sure about the date I did it...

.... I am very scared of the ocean.
I am still afraid of the ocean.
Would never have tried,time and time again,If it wasn’t for my then girlfriend.
I did this during the month when several people off the east coast of Florida either got killed by sharks or beaten by dolphins.(yes some dolphins are jerks,you just about make it to the surface and they beat the crap out of you/drag you back down,only to let you surface crying like the victim you are.Some of them drag people AWAY from the shore.)
I think others may enjoy this,so give it a try.
The date of my completion is way off,been about 2 years. 3 years ago

perfectme10I used to try a lot

But I was much better at bodysurfing and boogie boarding.
I love the ocean as I grew up 2 blocks from it and now live faraway in Illinois. Have fun! 4 years ago


I know there is a surfer in me waiting to bust out. One problem: I’m terrified of the ocean. 4 years ago

atinygoatIs boogie-boarding at all like surfing?

When I was 8 or 9, my family took a vacation to Florida and I had the opportunity to go boogie-boarding in the Atlantic Ocean.

I loved it, and ever since I have wanted to do it again and to try surfing.

I am pretty sure that I would not be able to surf successfully, but I at least want to try it. 4 years ago

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