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hunter haters

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oOoWhitewingoOoHere's another place

http://www.43things.com/things/view/5079389/destroy-awtok 7 months ago


I’ll try to bring some life to this goal, it’s pretty dead. 7 months ago


Do witches count?
I would love to help this cause 13 months ago


This goal is officially dead. 16 months ago


Hey ppl!!! I am trying to start an online organization to protect anyone who is avian, werewolf, mermaid etc. from being hunted. I am calling it the Genetically-Different Protection Squad. Message me if you want to help stop hunters. 16 months ago


I dont know if we’re all of us here want to grow wings, but for those of us who do, should we take self defense classes to keep ourselves and each other safe? 2 years ago

mermaidkatie vampirekatiewerewolfkatiewelcome new comers !(:

hi everyone how are you ! Let get this goal active again tell anyone you know ect spead it around please and thank you (: 2 years ago

mermaidkatie vampirekatiewerewolfkatieThis goal need to be more active o-e

Im gonna try to get this goal active again (:ok? Sounds good plan to me (: 2 years ago

mermaidkatie vampirekatiewerewolfkatieOh great another syuposed hunter

His name is a-friend 2 oh that great another fake hunter-.- 2 years ago


We have to stop hunters I heard one avian got kidnapped by hunters 2 years ago

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