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Run around town in a bear suit

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molliemoonlightI finally got a taste

of what it must be like to be in a full body mascot costume in Orlando in scorching temperatures.

But I’ve not been put off at all!! :D 9 months ago

molliemoonlightDoes a gorilla suit count?

:D 12 months ago

TatsunootoshigoKinda did this

Well technically I was in my wolf fursuit not a bear, but close enough, right? I could probably get mistaken for a bear, since people don’t know what I am half the time. Wolf? Dog? Fox? Mouse? 13 months ago

Beauty_disasterI have ADHD

This sounds like my kind of day 19 months ago


i saw this in another person’s 43things. it’s so crazy I WAAAANT to do this! 21 months ago

scobie4So Keen.

;) 2 years ago

kordakvanthroosApparentyl Nicolas Cage is pretty good at this..


(Like a Boss) 2 years ago


I saw this goal and thought it was kinda funny. Then I realized, I’VE ACTUALLY DONE THIS! It was back in high school, I had borrowed somebody’s bear suit to wear at a circus themed school dance, and ended up just having it in the trunk of my car for a while.

Needless to say, I definitely put it on and ran around town. 2 years ago


If any one does this they may or may not be tasered haha that be a sight:) 2 years ago


Where can I get a bear suit that doesn’t make me look too shaggy? :/ 3 years ago

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