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Run around town in a bear suit

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There is no other way to describe this goal other than completely awesome. 3 years ago

Carolyn LopezUntitled

There are no bears in Hawaii 3 years ago

frog pajamasworthy mischief should be embraced

ive never thought of this till i saw it here, but hech yeah id do this! 3 years ago


Probably going to do this in summer. More people out on the streets. :) 3 years ago


major lawls for this goal and major respect 3 years ago


Searching. For. A. Bearsuit. 6 years ago


but in winter because it would get kinda stuffy

run around & hug randoms & scare them!

mwahahahaha 6 years ago

LboydThere was this one time

that i ran around town in a bear suit. it was worth it. 6 years ago

monkeyinmaineNo closer to this goal... dammit

Well… I’ve been away and some goals have suffered, others have flourished, but I digress. But the poor bear suit goal languishes on the shelf. Time to dust it off.

After all, it will be fall soon, perfect weather for a bear suit. All the fashion mags say so. 6 years ago

monkeyinmaineNo bear suits!

Can you believe it? This silly town of mine has no bear suits. I’ve called all the costume places and the closest they have is a gorilla suit. Where’s the love for the bears?

One place told me they could ORDER a bear mascot suit for a mere $975.00. For crying out loud.

I’m not giving up though. I will be humping people in public by July. That is my goal. I wonder if I’ll get nailed with a tranquilizer gun? 6 years ago

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