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Kiss in the rain

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Perfect timing with my now boyfriend. Our third date – we had kissed once, just a little bit, on our second date. But as we were saying goodbye from our third, a storm blew in. We ducked under an awning and kissed. It was a really warm night (I definitely recommend the summer storms). We did end up in the rain for part of it but it didn’t get in the way of the kissing! Wonderful night :) 7 months ago

Beacher AcyBattleground Lake

It was raining and my girlfriend likes to swim in the rain. I usually do, too, but I’m from Florida and the water&rain are usually warm/hot so I was like NOO ITS TOO COLD. I went anyway, and I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t in love with her, and it was cold. But we kissed and it was amazing. The rain was just a light drizzle, some sprinkles hit me. I think I’ll definitely try to do it in something more of a downpour. =* 8 months ago

Beacher Acy=]]

I have a girlfriend now and we live in a rainy area so this is a soon possibility! =D 8 months ago


I kissed my boyfriend Jonathan in the rain in front of the school’s dorms and in front of his house :) <3 10 months ago


Wait this says …KISS IN THE RAIN?????!!!! I thought this said kiss the rain! Oops! 10 months ago


I want a long and lusty one! 10 months ago


did it. a little purposefully but I did it, last summer. with a man called: MVB11 months ago

hemanth kumarUntitled

kiss inthe rain to a girl is a beautiful memorable moment..unfortunately i dnt have a good chance to do like that..but that is a great memorable and sweet situation 12 months ago

AJ HartUntitled

With Josh, after our first “Italian Night,” wine and homemade chicken parmesian. We had to walk back from my apartment to his house…in the rain…;) 14 months ago

Jessica OshimaUntitled

I always wanted to expirence this :) it sounds so romantic and magical :) I really want this to happen to me like in the movies but this is real life I know that so I have to think rationaly. 14 months ago

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