get up at 5 o'clock and form a habbit

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zhoumore than a month

I have continued this goal for more than a month, but still found that I haven’t formed a habbit, so I need more days, then I can get up at 5 am without the clock alarm. 2 years ago

zhoucontinued 14 days

for some moment,when the alarm clock rings, I didn’t want to open my eyes,but soon i get up quickly, and open the computer, follow it to do yoga.Now 14days has passed, I didn’t stop one day, I will calculate how many days do I need to form a habbit. Maybe I know I was not a strong-minded person, I don’t want to give up for just only one morning, if I gave up for one day, i will give up more days. 2 years ago

zhoudoing yoga after I get up every morning

This is a good season for practise getting up early and keeping this habbit, since I almost stop it las month when I was a little busy,and I found my status were not very healthy. Now I think as long as I keep doing this for more than one or two months, then I couldn’t miss it for one day. Summer is coming, but not that hot, especailly early in the morning, the moment is quiet, birds are singing, with some cool wind, fresh air, yoga seems to be one of my part. 2 years ago

zhouI have continued 6 days

This is a good chance for me to strengthen my willpower, I was not the one of great willpower, I often let myself have a rest, I have wasted a lot of time on sleeping, now I need to have a change and spend more time on reading or something meaningful, I need more time, this is a good chance for me to practice for shorter sleeping and form a better willpower inside myself. 3 years ago


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