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Masturbate more


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moussemasturbation is underrated

great way to get to know your body and relieve stress 5 years ago

slcnewlifeI need to find different ways to do it!

Sometimes I feel bored about masturbation because always is in the same way… I feel optimistic to find ways doing it in different ways make it more fun and pleasurable! 6 years ago


yayness. 6 years ago

cafegroundzeroOnce in a while, it is really worth it, when you are by yourself.

Ain’t no shame in my game, sweet heart.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

Don’t be afraid of me, Darling. I been treated badly, but I’m healing. The wounds of the past will heal. 7 years ago

FEVBlove it

wll, this is basically the best thing ever, or at least its up there. def worth doing, just try not to overdo it. :D 7 years ago


trust me, you feel ALOT beter after doing this ;)

and yes, the sex is generally better after doing this :D 7 years ago


i mean, come on. 7 years ago

SELENAit was great

thats right 7 years ago

CalisGot a vasectomy

Now I’m whacking it as often as I can to get the pipes all cleared out. 7 years ago

JP CreightonNo, I ain't helpin' no body do this, except maybe my wife... heh heh heh...

Wall, it’s hard to say, no pun intended, if ‘twas worth it. But at least I din’t go out and kill, rape, maim, or vandalise.

So, ... uh… I’m not sayin’ I advise it, but I’m neither disadvisin’ it. ‘Tis between thee and thy norms, thy superego, or thy Catholic conscience. 7 years ago

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