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In 2011, live like the person I've always wanted to be


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2011. It was a long, strong, brilliant, challenging, landmark year, one where I tried to balance out life while keeping a keen eye on happiness and gratitude.

Twenty eleven marked my launching boldly into decade #4, and the birth of a long longed for, beautiful, healthy baby girl (even if her entrance proved a bit tricky); the perfect final addition to our family foursome.

I’ve enjoyed the transition from mom of one to mom of two, which is definitely exhausting sometimes, but joy far outweighs any poop. One of the many things I’ve always wanted to be is a mother, the best one I can be, and if having great, happy kids is any reflection, then I’m doing just fine (though I certainly can’t take all the credit, having an equally committed and enthusiastic partner in this is something I’m constantly grateful for).

We’ve done countless fun things as a family (camping, hikes, museums, art shows, community events, playgrounds, movie/game nights, projects, etc.) as well as taking the time for just talking and listening and being together.

As a couple, M and I obviously had less alone-time, but there were still plenty of entertaining and affectionate evenings together talking, having popcorn/DVD nights or following chosen series, even if actual “date nights” have been hard to come by. We did have a very nice dinner out at the tail end of the year, and will be trying to carve out more “Us Time” in the future.

Busyness and location aside, I’ve also tried to make more time for family and friends (old and new), both in person and with calls, messages, cards, and Skype dates. There have been some (though not enough) girls nights, truffle parties and solo visits, which is another thing I want to continue to work on – strengthening important connections.

I’ve aimed to have enough Me Time for luxurious baths, reading, creative ambitions (I managed to cross some longtime ones off my list), long walks, reflection & relaxation – time to balance pleasure and getting things done. I’ve tried to keep healthy – I got back down to my goal pre-pregnancy weight, kept up with health issues, got daily exercise, tried to eat well (treats and all), sleep (some), and keep stress at a minimum. Aesthetically, I still get to the salon when I can, paint my toes and powder my nose, and am trying to update my wardrobe bit by bit. I’ve faced fears, followed unfamiliar paths, met new people, and learned new things.

It’s been good to strengthen my grip on our financial reins, both with building our savings and investments, working towards our big goals in this area (car – yes, house – not yet), and continuing to do more work from home so I can add even more to the nest egg.

Shit happens (both literally and figuratively), and I’ve weathered fresh grief, both my own and that of people I love; I’ve had stress flaps and pain slaps; tough days and sleepless nights, but the good has outshined the bad, and I’ve learned from as much of it as I could.

Here on 43 Things, I hit 5 years & 100,000 cheers. There were boot-camps, scavenger hunts, daily lists (particularly helpful), things added and checked off. I’ve tried to keep up on my daily happiness list (still catching up!) and focus on the all the good and hopeful things in my life.

I’ve attempted to whittle down both longtime clutter and daily mess, even if it seems futile. Both grand leaps and baby steps are helpful, as long as they’re in the right direction.

I’ve made time to focus on things I believe in, be it education, small stands towards saving the planet, anti bullying, or trying to help others to achieve their goals too.

I don’t know if we ever live exactly the way we want to, there’s always something more to strive for, but I’m feeling happy and content where I am now while aiming still higher.

L’année est morte ! Vive la année!2 years ago

LoveAllTrustFewBrief Summary

I think 2011 is the year I learned to ‘(wo)man up’ as my sister would say. I have never been naive about how difficult and down right miserable life can be at times but my approach to difficulty has been to avoid it. This year I have learned to suck things up and just do them. It likely will not turn out perfect or just the way I would like it but its infinitely better than doing nothing and there is always ways to improve.

In 2011:
-I moved out, into a city with roommates that are less than ideal and a neighbor who is an ass but I have a plan and I am moving forwards towards my own flat in a couple of years.
-I applied for school and was unable to attend the fall term because of a strike. Panicked, thought about all kinds of courses that where ill suited to me for January but eventually decided to wait and take the more appropriate course next fall. Even though it meant waiting and being that much older when I go back
-I have learned to make the best of my less than ideal retail job by approaching it with a cheerful (and occasionally self-deprecating) outlook.
By just biting the bullet and going ahead with things I feel like I have developed a plan in my life. A sense of direction gives me peace of mind to do the things I enjoy, art, hiking, volunteer work etc. 2 years ago

MamaKittyBig year

The thing that impacted me the most this year, was to lose 50 pounds through weight watchers. Sticking with this for several months increased my confidence. I am more physically active, which makes me feel much better in general.

I haven’t decided the general direction for next year. Even though it is not mandatory, I’d like to have it settled before Sunday. 2 years ago


I am doing much better at this than when I started 2011. As we are in the final month of this year, let’s evaluate. NO let’s not evalutate, but let;s think about this. Am I the same person I started as in Jan? I don’t think so. Am I better? More genuine? More centered? More me? The me I have always wanted to be? Yes and no. I think I have changed considerably for the better. I do think there is still some work to do in the area of shyness and advocating for myself. 3 years ago

elliewestonnot going well

I’ve been thinking that I have just been ignoring this goal but in actuality I am getting this very wrong. I have been running down many of the wrong paths. I can see this very clearly after yesterday. It was the dies horribilis!!!!! yuck. yuck. yuck. Ugh!!!!!!!! I am not sure how to pull myself out of this tailspin but I will. Organization and hardwork will go along way! Here is to a better day! 3 years ago


this is going to be in 2012, live like the person I’ve always wanted to be….I think I have made some progress but nothing deliberate. I have just been reading about life plans and how most of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do our lives and that definitely applies to me. It’s the same thing with this goal. I am just wondering around. I need to decide what this means, define it and then set about accomplishing it!! 3 years ago


Since I wrote an entry in September I feel a little clearer about this goal. I have been running around in several different directions all year and am starting to slow down and I have worked hard to be able to be more focused. I still need to think about what this means to me but I know I will be in a place to figure this out in the near future. I am putting this as one of my 2012 resolutions. 3 years ago

lovingmex43I have always been one of those people

who have a hard time saying ‘NO’.

The relationship with K and her pushy pushy pushiness really helped me learn to stick up for myself more, to say no more. Interesting that it took more of a negative thing to hone my positive thing. I just need to keep up the work.

Taking care of me, saying NO when I really should, this is living lik ethe person I have always wanted to be. I have let people walk all over me at times in the past. That will never happen again. 3 years ago

Katie77Long blonde hair works for me.

With a little help from a box, Downtown Brown becomes a hazel sort of blondish brown. Savoring the simplicity and enjoying the results. 3 years ago

lovingmex43I don't !

stick up for myself enough
always put me first
think before I open my mouth
remember my confidence every single day
dig deep before I shop sadness away
stand my ground hard enough
play to win as much as I should
say enough kind words to myself

but now I am focusing on the negatives aren’t I?

there are about 1000 positives to go along with this.

I do

know who I am
know what makes me happy
know what I want
know how to get there

Isn’t that half the battle? I feel I am three quarters the way to having it all. . 3 years ago

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