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britgirlabroadSkin time

My skin has been breaking out a lot recently which I think is because of a hormone imbalance, I had a facial recently which was amazing. I’m planning on having one done every month 20 months ago

britgirlabroadHair time!

I love getting my hair done, I recently cut half of it off and dyed it a red-purple colour. Most people dont recognise me anymore. 2 years ago

britgirlabroadSpending time alone

I love spending time alone to pamper myself. I get to listen to cheesy music, have a long shower, use tons of yummy face masks and do my nails.

Just doing that makes me feel so good and ready for the next days madness 2 years ago


21. New skin care products!
22. Coloring
23. Wordsearch puzzles
24. Massages
25. Spending time playing with my son. 4 years ago

fijicat81Taking time off for me!

Well, it’s been almost a year since I last posted. A LOT has happened and I’m now expecting our first child within 6 weeks. Here are things I’m doing now to pamper myself
16. Put my feet up daily.
17. Taking off work for maternity leave (beginning the first week of December.
18. Asking for help when I need it. (Even if that’s just asking someone to help with the dishes so I can prop my feet up.)
19. Cocoa Butter lotion!
20. Wearing comfy clothes and not worrying so much about dressing up. 5 years ago

fijicat81I <3 the wonderful thoughtful gifts from my husband and his mom!

11. enjoying my new pedicure spa
12. enjoying my new fountain
13. enjoying my new sit in the tub and read shelf
14. Enjoy my new burt’s bees
15. enjoy my new terrycloth towel. 6 years ago


6. Tanning in the winter
7. Enjoying my spring break (Spa style)
8. having healthy food around to snack on
9. Making yummy chicken salad
10. making cookies with my husband. 7 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperHitting the "I've done this" button

Especially for things worth doing. 7 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperWriting


Keeping track of my life. Catching pieces I might otherwise forget. Putting my memories somewhere safe (in case I lose my mind?). 7 years ago

Ru ~ dig deeperKnitting

For me this involves several things: learning something new, creating something useful, and more often than not, giving something away. Plus it’s deliciously relaxing.

Knitting makes me feel like I’m defragging my brain. 7 years ago

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