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become fluent in 5 or more languages

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edwinlawHow many of us are still into this?

Seems so quite here. Anyone given up the goal yet?

Last week, I have started a blog (http://towerofconfusion.wordpress.com). I have this hope that we language learners can motivate and support each other.

Feel free to drop by! 7 years ago

edwinlawThis is possible!

To those who share the same goal,

How is your progress? Before you want to give it up, check out these two folks:

1) Steve can speak 9 languages fluently, and he is working on 3 more! Click on his introductory clips to listen to them.

2) Simon can also speak multiple languages

Hope you find these motivating. 7 years ago

edwinlawMy current status

1) Cantonese – mother tongue.
2) English – already fluent. Working on public speaking skills.
3) Mandarin – can communicate. Still can’t understand fast speakers. Need more work on oral. Give myself another 4 months.
4) French – GCSE level. Picking up again a month ago, starting with reading and writing (started a french blog). Might try “The Linguist”. Checkpoint after 4 months.
5) Spanish – GCSE level. Will restart after French. No plan yet. 7 years ago

Mei_MeiTrip to China

I’m going to take advantage of our upcoming trip to China and learn more Mandarin! 7 years ago


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