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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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Aloha50Feel Good Friday!

So happy that I did not whimp out on exercise yesterday (because I forgot my exercise clothes at home). Did the hike I was supposed to do anyway, wearing jeans and a heavy t-shirt, but it felt great! Met up with friends on top of the mountain and had great conversation and many laughs. 3 hours ago

ItchyFeetApril 18/14

  • Received 2 final grades – A+ ! and a 100% on assign #1 in current course. Hard work is paying off, eyes on the PRIZE!
  • really supportive friends old and new ones that mean the world to me!
  • amazing support of fellow students – you are all so amazing to support, cheer, inspire and help each of us in our endeavors. we are a community that support one another So awesome!
  • a long weekend of blissful sleep, relaxation and Easter Sunday filled with hope, gratitude, and love of the people in my life
  • Coffee date with some friends over the weekend
  • strategizing on how to attain my ‘dream job’! Cuz determination and persistence and hard work is going to win the prize! 4 hours ago

Golden 190Thursday, 4/17/14

1. Aggravated pinched nerve is not nearly as bad as last year. Hopefully, can resume my cross train workouts next Saturday.
2. Made a PT appt for next week.
3. Spring weather.
4. Got in two long walks.
5. Got over my 10K steps; haven’t done that in a long time. 7 hours ago

themartaday 32

Feels like Spring again.
Bought myself a flat of Pansies and some strawberry plants . Potted up most of the tomatoes….they will go into the ground in just a month :)

Grazed my horse for the first time. Very short graze, as their stomach needs to slowly get used to rich grass after the winter…but she was so very happy even for a short time.

Her leg looks really good!:) 10 hours ago


1) Lovely free day with no commitments to do anything.
2) Nice cuddles with K. 11 hours ago

ElzaAApril 17 Day-232

• Last day of school, before easter holidays
• Watching Elementary
• Sunny weather
• Anime 15 hours ago

Peanut007April 17, 2014

  • Listening to DS pray at the dinner table.
  • Teaching DD how to blow eggs in prep for dying.
  • DH helping clean the house and hanging a photo I’ve had on the ‘Hunny Do List’ for a while.
  • Volunteering and hanging out with the youth at Scouts food safety and meal planning
  • A well planned and executed guest speaker at Scouts food prep safety
  • An answered prayer. some books I ordered came in a week ahead of schedule
  • All sorts of Easter weekend plans falling through. I know its funny that this makes me happy… it just makes me look forward to a lower key weekend.
  • A friend trying to help me figure out how I can still hang with the guys after the date of our plans unexpectedly changed on very short notice, and him making a point of making me feel wanted and welcome. RD17 hours ago

PonyoApril 17, 2014 #205

  • Cherry blossom park walk
  • Wind
  • A 21 hours ago

littlerusalka17th April 2014 #147

Everyone in work got a free easter egg today :)

Listening to Sigur Ros’s Rafstraumur on the Dart this morning and revelling in their beautiful music.


Only 2 more days until I can go home to see my Mum, S, little Scampi and the sea:) 1 day ago

ElzaAApril 16 Day- 231

• Catching up on my tv show watching time
• Woke up earlier to do everything
• Running in school
• Guitar 1 day ago

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