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be more thoughtful with my resources (money, energy, water,...)

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mignonno more amex card!

I am debt free- and want to keep it that way- so I decided to keep just one credit card, which is not a real credit card- I pay what I buy with it 4 weeks later.
to keep track of what I buy easier it is better for me not to have two different cards.
and the yearly fee will be used to get a wonderful massage (or two!) 2 years ago

mignonfeels right

and is definitely worth it.
my energy is limited and I want to honor my hard working and the hard working of other people.
I almost never waste food, try not to waste energy.
sometimes I buy things that I do not need, though.
will try to change that.
took out the credit cards of my wallet and will pay with cash the next weeks (or longer?) to feel it more how much things cost.
I already noticed that I am much more price sensitive when I have to give away cash for something, so thats good I guess.
will see. 3 years ago


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