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go swimming once a week

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asmaccaKeeping fit

Again when money allows go swimming once a week Untill then go swimming as and when 2 years ago

graciep... and better ...

3 weeks in a row! Once I have done a month I think I might up this to twice a week. Fingers crossed … 3 years ago

graciepgetting better ...

2 weeks in a row! and swimming is getting much stronger and easier do am upping the laps … 3 years ago

graciepsort of suceeding / sort of failing

seem to only be able to do to this one week on, and one off. maybe i should change my goal to get out of bed early enough to go swimming!! 3 years ago


So I managed this for the first week – am really really proud of myself. It was amazing – outdoors on a sunny March day. Hopefully, I can do it next week too 3 years ago

Cassandra_17So far so good!

After a rough start in the new year (school exams, lost bathing suit…), I have finally been able to commit to this goal. Every Wednesday I swim laps for three hours and it feels great! I am finding it to be quite a large consumer of my time as the whole process start to finish takes about five hours (transportation, changing, showering, drying hair, etc…). Despite this, I am pushing forward and hope to achieve my goal :) 3 years ago

JenniferStarted swimming again after 2 weeks...

I missed a couple of weeks due to a vacation to FL. Doesn’t make sense right? Well, the weather was way to cold to swim outdoors and I didn’t have access to a local indoor pool. Now that I am in MI visiting family I was able to go to the YMCA for community swim days and plan to go twice weekly. I also prepaid for a prenatal swimming course, but I am the only person registered so the class may cancel. I enjoyed swimming today and look forward to doing some more laps in the near future. 4 years ago

JenniferWent to a water aerobics class tonight...

It was a great workout and I met some great ladies. It was an hour long workout. I had to do a couple modified versions due to the pregnancy (safety stuff) but, the instructor gave me great alternatives. I will def. go again. ;) 4 years ago

JenniferHad a great time swimming laps today...

Swam laps sporting my baby bump and enjoyed it so much I signed up for a water aerobics class tomorrow night ;) 4 years ago

JenniferPrenatal Exercise

I picked up the local leisure center swim schedule and look forward to swimming at least weekly. It will be good for baby and me. 4 years ago

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