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I ordered two new books. One a workbook and one a beginners sheet music. 2 years ago

kiiruI want to learn "To zanarkand"

The person I love often plays for me on his keyboard and I want to be able to reciprocate that. The act of playing music for your loved ones. 4 years ago


I really really want to learn “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles. 5 years ago


I love singing and music in general. And I want to be able to accompany myself someday. I tried piano way back when I was in the third grade and quit much earlier than I should have. I really regret it, and am ready to change it. 5 years ago


I can play the beginning to “Dreaming With A Broken Heart” by my future husband John Mayer!

I REALLY want to learn the whole thing!

I feel really motivated to take up piano lately, but guitar is still a work in progress so I need to keep my focus primarily on that I think. 6 years ago

henery777Not chopsticks

Always wanted to learn a song on the piano from start to finish. 6 years ago


Even though my musical efforts are currently aimed toward guitar, one day I would looooove to be able to play something on the piano.

Whenever I hear “The Scientist” by Coldplay, a little piece of my soul is like “LEARN PIANO!” and also, when I hear the beginning of “Out Of My League” by Stephen Speaks, I just wish that I could play so much, even if it is a really cheesy song.
oh and “Feels Like Home.” There are so many pretty songs I wish I could play!

One day… I will learn. 6 years ago


Promise (Reprise) by Akira Yamaoka, over the holiday. I learned it by ear, it was easier than I thought! 7 years ago

dancemagicdanceMaybe Not

by Cat Power. Ridiculously simple, just four chords. Woot. 7 years ago


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