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younis123In one week i have lost 5 pounds ;)

It’s only been one week since I started the program & have have already lost 5 pounds. I had tried everything, from exhausting exercises to strict dieting. Nothing seemed to work. I am extremely satisfied with the results I’m getting do soon. I recommend this program to all those who are tired of achieving little to, no results. This program really works!

for more information click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRbpi6Uv-0I 3 weeks ago

Spatz1st month

So, one month later, I find I have lost 2 pounds.
Well, in reality I gained one pound and lost 3 pounds, but it evens out :-)
Now that the digestive problems are slowly getting better, I might have better results. Maybe.
It’s slow progress but progress. 14 months ago


I’ve always been an athlete, but for the past 10 months I have been unable to run due to injury. I’m now 144 lbs. My goal is to drop 15 lbs by May 20 to look good for a university friend’s wedding! Today was day 4. Here we go!!! 14 months ago

SpatzSelf sabotage

The moment my weight is going down I’m having a few chocolates and extras for dinner and lunch.
And pouf, the weight is back on the next day.
I’ll have to take this a bit more serious.

So, to give it a more scientific edge, I started using myfitnesspal.
Never know there were so many calories in pizza.
Oh well.

New week, new luck! 15 months ago


So I bravely stepped back on the scale after the vacation.
Oh well.
It seems I only gained 3 pounds over the last weeks.
So I’ve lost 4 pounds in the last year – well that ain’t the world but at least it’s something.
I’ll reboot that project now and to start I updated my ticker… 15 months ago

April SalleyI need to lose please help

I have been big all my life Its time for a change 19 months ago


Between my hurt knee and my vacation, I managed to gain back the two pounds I’d lost after the last post and gain two more pounds on top of that.

That’s not quite going the way I planned.

I’ll have to be more careful about what I eat, as my exercise routine is rather easygoing at the moment….

Well, on to a new start!

picture via Pioneer Woman20 months ago

SpatzAfter one month

I’ve regained 1 kilogram rather quick – but I’ve been keeping my weight stable since then.

Now it’s time to restart the goal and have another go at it, I’d like to lose about 3 kgs this time :-)

Starting on the road today…

picture via pinterest22 months ago

Spatz5 kilograms down

I have lost (slightly) more than 5 kilograms since I started in February!

That gets me down to the lowest weight I’ve been in 6 years.

Yay me! Celebration! I get to choose a reward now :)

picture via pinterest23 months ago

SpatzHuh again

I didn’t weigh myself the last days and stepped on the scale today.I’ve lost another pound, bringing me down to my wedding weight.

I don’t remember doing anything special, aside from my stairs and yoga and cooking myself?

Woohoo! Hooray!

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