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cleanskiesDecember - Christmas cocktails, Christmas fondue, art in London

December is a month so dense with social obligation it can be hard to take time out for yourself, but this month was good; a party, friends round for fondue on Christmas eve, and a day out traipsing around London looking at art. Fun. 2 years ago

cleanskiesNovember - the month of book launches

Actually, this got pretty exciting. Thought Bubble was probably the acme of the month—very thrilling to be published. It was work, but good work. 2 years ago

cleanskiesOctober -- Halloween Party and lunch at Jamie's

Another month of hard work and deadlines; however half term week included some stupidly expensive meals, a trip to the V&A (for postmodernism) and Science Museum (for Oramics) and a proper halloween party so all good. 2 years ago

cleanskiesSeptember - a bust

I did go to visit my sister, but that was obligation, work. A trip to London to see Ellen and buy comics. I did go shopping in London with Tim, but it was more an exhausted breath in a frantic month that a thing to look forward too. 2 years ago

cleanskiesAugust - Fail

I did go to Bath on the spur of the moment, but that’s not a thing to look forward to. In retrospect I should have done something without T as he scheduled a gig on every weekend and wouldn’t agree to do anything with time off apart from remodel the kitchen. Result was no remodelled kitchen or fun. bah. 2 years ago


Zoonights, BBQ, punting, Brixton all-dayer 2 years ago


intimidating modern classical evening – should be good! 2 years ago


Dot to Dot Festival, Music, Bristol, Waterfront, staying with lovely D 2 years ago


Yuri night! It was good :) 2 years ago


The reduced Shakespeare company in Ealing with my sister 2 years ago

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