Run like I did in my dream

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tangerine_nowRunning is not for me

I really don’t like it. Obviously my dream me is a different me from my non-dream me which makes sense really. 21 months ago

tangerine_nowFed up

My visit to the PT will be the last effort I make towards this goal. Maybe, probably, running just isn’t for me. I don’t even like it. Bleh. 22 months ago


I have been going to a physical therapist for the past few weeks. This Thursday he is going to see if my technique has anything to do with my pains. 22 months ago


My feet still hurt and it doesn’t get any less either. I have another appointment with the foot doctor scheduled but I am also seriously considering going back to my gp and asking if physical therapy might be a better option.

The pain in my feet may also affect my charity walk goal. 3 years ago


Going to see the doctor tomorrow about my feet. They still hurt like hell. It’s been almost six months now, enough already. The only problem I have is that I might have to see someone who deals with… feet. Meaning they’d want to touch mine. I see imminent nosebleeds, not mine. Oh dear… 3 years ago

tangerine_nowRunning for the train

This morning I ran through the station to catch my train. In my dream I think I ran after a tram (I am not sure, it wasn’t a very coherent dream) and while what just happened wasn’t the legs long arms pumping blissful run I felt in my dream, it was also not as painful and hard as I thought it would be. Hope. 3 years ago


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