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Run a mile in 11 minutes

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utterlycorruptfor real b?

the four minute mile was a tough one, sure…the 11 minute mile is a stagger to the bathroom for a 90 year old with dementia…sadly i know a couple of em…but i beat em every time… 2 months ago

RoxaneDutchRun a mile in 11 minutes.

I did this together with my entire p.e. class. We really supported each other. Start calm and don’t give up after a couple of minutes! 11 minutes is nothing! We didn’t really prepare too, so if we can do it, you can too! I am not so sportive, so I run an exact mile and then lay down in the grass and didn’t move for a couple of minutes, bu some even ran more than a mile! You can do this too! 15 months ago


I have to do this in order to pass PE. I think I could I jusst havent tried. 15 months ago

Michal I can walk again...

i had an inflammation of my ligaments in my left knee since teh beginning of April. Yesterday I walked home from downtown, about 1.5 km and it didn’t hurt at all during the walk, or afterwards. Today I’m also fine.
I wonder if I should even try to run since my knee gets like this from time to time.

Comments? 23 months ago

sha10nta15 March 2012

Getting mentally prepared and healing from surgery. Can’t wait to take the first step. 2 years ago

sha10nta12 March 2012

The first day of the rest of my life! 2 years ago

Amy Clarke10:53

One mile.
Time: 10 min, 53 sec.
Completed Nov 2/11 2 years ago


I did it in 8 minutes 2 years ago

kmom2468I'm back to a 15 minute mile, but...

For a few glorious weeks, I was down in the 11-12 minute range. Maybe I’ll do this again some day. 2 years ago

Amy ClarkeBaseline

13.06 02/13/11 3 years ago

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