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speak 4 languages fluently

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I wanna learn one different language atleast, apart from english :-)
How do i go bout doing it 4 years ago


This monday I will start school again. And guess what! French step 1 and 2 is included. Within 20 weeks I will know the basics of french, and hopefully I will be able to speak some also… :P 6 years ago

xoxowhiterosesxoxoHola, Guten Tag, Ciao, and Hello!

I want to be able to speak Spanish, German, Italian, and Latin. English is my native language and I want to be able to speak the other languages I listed before I turn 18, I’m currently 12. I believe it would be very beneficial towards my career of choice, an author or an attorney or both.We are being taught Spanish right now in my middle school (against my will). I did not originally want to speak Spanish and still don’t, I think it will confuse me completely on which language I’m studying or speaking. I want to be able to talk to my friends in Latin and have them have absoluetly no idea what I’m saying. Latin is the language I most preferably want to learn. It will help me the most in a writing career. 6 years ago

acordeao4 languages fluently

I already know Swedish and English (although it can be advanced a bit more, one can never learn enough!) and I am now studying Brasilian Portuguese.

I think my 3rd language will be finnish, since my dad is from there. And about the 4th I am not sure yet. Thai maybe, or French, since I will be working the world as a cook and French is the language of the kitchen…

And then comes the question, does Swedish count into this goal since it is my mother tongue? 7 years ago

kuchingmatime too...

I wanna learn 4 langauges. would prefer 5, but I think that’s too many. Better to focus on quality rather than quantity, right?

Anyway, I can speak Indonesian and Englsih, am learning German at the moment, and havent decided on the other one yet. Spanish? Hindi? Any suggestions? 7 years ago

DerDeutscheOn my way...

I already know German and English, now for Italian and Spanish… 8 years ago


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