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Lisasuccess :)

Today my mom said she thinks I’m successful. It made me so happy and even happier since I just added this goal. It’s nice to hear that your mother thinks you’re on the right track :) 2 years ago

AgneZedPride rock.

I have wonderful parents, and I’m sure they are proud of me already, at least that would be their answer if I asked. I was not very messed up kid.
But for all the love, nice things they gave me, nice childhood, for letting me express myself, listening to my oppinion and for that they are most wonderful parents, I want to make them proud, in all the ways I can.

I think my goal would be to finish university and decide what I want to do with my life. Then do it, and be the best I can at that activity. Make good money and buy them stuff or holidays or whatever, what they have chosen not to have, so that my life would be better. 2 years ago

Zfière de moi

My mom said to me today ‘je suis vraiment fière de toi’. Meaning im really proud of you. i feel so great! Its all for you mother. I can never thank you enough, especially for the strength you have given me. 2 years ago


for me, i find my parents are impossible to be satisfied and they just built this idea about me and never dare to erase it.

But i shall try anyway, though I believe it is impossible but why not dream of a possibility. 2 years ago


The day I got my Bachelors degree I knew how pride they were. Although we have a great relationship I knew they were proud of my accomplishments. They came from Colombia in search for a better future for their family and I hope they know how much I appreciate their hard work in raising me and putting me through college. 2 years ago


At least, that’s what they tell me! 3 years ago

Julian GonzalesUntitled

or just my mom would be beyond contenting 3 years ago


I try every day, but I always feel like it’s not enough. I’m hoping someday something will happen that will make them truly proud to be my mom and dad. 3 years ago


I actually did make my parents proud by getting into a local college. But I didn’t feel like I tried my best and only got in based on luck. So I really want to actually try all my best and put in effort in everything in college. I want to do well right from the start. I want to graduate from college with a good grade and really really make them proud. I know it’s hard to get an ‘A’ in college (and I’ve never really gotten any good grades ever since elementary school), but I definitely want to do my best to achieve it. 3 years ago

HeatherI'm not going to mark this as done...

... Because I still have my whole life ahead of me to take various routes to make them proud. However, that isn’t the only reason; My GCSE results came through and my mom was proud of me, all of my family where… except my dad I felt.
He only really said ‘well done’ over the phone and it wasn’t in an enthusiastic happy voice … But I am in college and doing the courses I wanted, So .. I am happy with myself and my GCSE results.. 3 years ago

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