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viobiopatience when learning

I want to know things now. I want to have the good habits now. I want the new perspective now.

I acknowledge what I want. It is legitimate to want. And I take a deep breath and make the small necessary steps. 1 week ago

viobiopatience challenge

Rushed with the dishes. Broke a favorite mug. Rushed with the clean-up (unable to make eye contact with anyone because it took all my effort to try to be patient with myself.)

Forgiveness would be like a melting ice cube. Aaaahhhhh. 1 month ago


is such an interesting concept. I find some days that I want it all to be NOW. During the time we were working on our downstairs bathroom, I found that I really had to pull down deep some days, especially around the halfway point when nothing was completed and every task had to have 3 more steps to be done. I found that I got more patient when I would just go do something even if it was a mind-numbing undertaking, like sanding the subfloor or sweeping and vacuuming for the 110th time. There was even a point where it became quite meditative.

Now, perhaps I can relearn patience while we continue our search for a new car. I will have to learn to mask my thoughts and avoid crying out “horse shit” when I’m told some incredible piece of nonsense. 1 month ago

LadysocksThe Birds

When I was a kid, I liked to see the birds eat the food we put out for them, now I’m bacl ‘home’ I’ve started again, I had to wait until the birds learnt there was food for them, and slowly they are coming to the garden bed in front of the window. I feed them everything I can think of that they might like, mostly scraps of bread, some dry ends of cheese, and I render down any meat fat I cut off what I am cooking for the family.
When the boys aren’t around making noise, I see so much, I even saw 2 wood peckers today, at the same time. A PAIR.
It’s good for my soul, but it is definitely a patience game! 3 months ago


I just read the last entry to this….. I did make a whole host of things, hearts, cranes and a slightly dodgy ninja star and hundreds of puffy stars for the wedding center pieces. For one of our anniversaries I gave him a whole vase of paper cranes (large vase).

Surely this prove I AM capable of practicing patience when I want?

I just don’t like it… 3 months ago

grandmonsterstill practicing

This goal has been enlightening in many ways. I have surrounded myself with a lot of people who talk incessantly. I have no problem with this. I just note it and for the most part go on. There are times I feel impatience rising and if I am aware it is there, I am so much better about recognizing my part and then it dissipates. 5 months ago

grandmonstermore patience

I know that I will have trouble with measuring if I’m actually fulfilling this goal. So, for now every time I feel impatience come up, I am to first: recognize it. Then, image either why it is happening or if it is a person who I’m impatient with, recognizing s(he) may also be impatient with me.

Yesterday, I talked to a friend for an hour. I’m not too great about patience with long calls. Her college-graduate daughter has moved back in with her and expects her mother to make or buy her meals, fill up her gas tank and keep her laundry clean. I felt impatience with my friend for allowing her adult daughter to run roughshod over her. I began to say something like “Is she working 50 hours a week?” which my friend correctly reminded me that their relationship is this way because when my friend’s child was young my friend suffered from a debilitating disease and she could not give to her daughter what both of them believed the daughter needed. I felt the impatience dissipate then. It is not that I think my friend should do these things for her child, I recognize that she believes she is making up for when she was absent due to her physical disabilities. I was then able to listen with an open mind about some of the other things going on in my friend’s life. I let her be the one to end the call and THAT was my exercise in patience. 7 months ago


is a virtue I don’t seem to possess all the time. And, I truly believe that it is the reason for my trip to this Earth School. I love the idea of this goal. Now, I need to quantify how I will practice patience. 7 months ago

viobiotoo patient?

I feel like I’ve put up with my annoying habit for too long. (My face is tense. If I relax, can I let go of this judgment?)

What I need to do seems soooo hard at the moment. Not sure what tools I have left. A nap? Tea? Call home? 7 months ago


The new boy is especially good with origami, he’s a teacher and used it with his students, I don’t have the patience for origami, but for him I’m going to try, I’ll make a whole host of things! 12 months ago

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