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amayanaSlight improvement?

I think my posture has slightly improved since I started working out. My back and shoulders have become stronger already, only after 2 weeks of exercise. 1 month ago

Jules3J20 minutes a day

This experiment was a success. Currently doing 20 minutes a day of intense exercise 5x/week focusing on yoga, resistance and weights. Moving onward, gradually. 2 months ago


I’ve noticed that when I’m doing squats, I haven’t been aware that I don’t have proper posture.
I also hunch my back when I’m sitting on the chair when I’m tired.

Find a back support to wear when exercising.
Be aware of my posture most of the time. 2 months ago

AsesinaI need glasses..

Therefore I hunch when I’m on the computer to see better. Better posture, less laying on things and getting your white or ivory sleeves dirty..
You won’t lean on anything so you’ll get used to standing for long periods of time; I know I’ve tried it already.
Oh and I’m getting my glasses soon so I don’t have to lean in on the computer anymore. A more comfortable desk chair would help too.. 3 months ago

fairevraiWork Posture

I often find myself crossing my legs at work, and by the end of the day my lower back is just aching. I don’t think it’s a coincidence – I think the lethal combination of crossing my legs and having poor posture at my desk wreak havoc on my back muscles.

I’m going to try and work on this simply by being more mindful of my posture, but it will be a challenge. 5 months ago

fairevraiBack Brace

I’ve been trying to be good about wearing a back brace when I’m at the computer.

The brace I have is similar to this one (it might even be this one; I can’t remember): http://www.amazon.com/Clavicle-Brace-Posture-Support-Breg/dp/B005MYYZQ4/ref=pd_sbs_hpc_6 I picked it up a while ago but haven’t been using it all that much.

It’s kind of like wearing a set of backpack straps. You can tighten the straps to help keep your shoulders back. This brace is very easy to “override” – you can still hunch while wearing it, but the pressure exerted by the straps is a constant reminder to sit up straight.

I also like how even after I take it off, I still have the “sense memory” of wearing it… hunching feels “weird” for an hour or two, even with the brace off. 6 months ago

Jules3J10 minutes

Starting slowly and building up, using the zenhabits approach. 5 minutes of yoga followed by 5 minutes of resistance bands twice or three times a week. Goal is not to do it all at once, but rather first establish the habit and then bump it up once it becomes routine. 6 months ago

Jules3Jimprove posture

I found yoga not as helpful as I would have liked. Doing pullups each day has started to help make things better. My plan is to (gradually) start yoga again and include resistance exercises. 7 months ago

viobioBy October

By back is in for some stress later this year. I want to start with a good baseline. That means using energy to sit up straight, which will give me more energy. I know several exercises to strengthen my back and core. I could lie down to refresh between long bouts of sitting. 8 months ago

TheAnswerToExistenceAlways had

Bad posture, always wanted good posture. So I will use this goal to fix my posture by the end of the summer or the end of the year… 4 points to me by doing it by may, 2 points by the end of Summer, 1pt if by the end of the year.

Or something like that 13 months ago

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