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Have picnics in the park

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sabrynToday was just...perfect

I didn’t prepare the food we ate, which I’d intended to, but there was so much going on this weekend that I ran out of time. Instead, we stopped by Quizno’s and grabbed sandwiches and drinks, then drove (again, not in the plan, but I wasn’t sure exactly where it was and figured it was more time-efficient to be lost in the car) to the local park. We ate our sandwiches at a shaded picnic table with a lake view, took a short walk, then sat on a bench by the lake and snuggled while watching the ducks and little kids do what they do. The weather was gorgeous, the park not too crowded or too empty…there’s nothing I would have changed about today.

Now that we know where the park is, we can go there any time…it’s close enough to walk to while not so close that it feels like we’re going on a picnic in the front yard, so to speak. So even though one picnic doesn’t exactly meet this goal, I have the feeling we’ll be doing this as much as weather permits. 6 years ago

JessicaSThe latest.

Astoria Park—-A glass of wine, some Greek takeout, night-time views of the Triborough Bridge and midtown Manhattan.

Having more free time does have its perks;) 6 years ago


it was swell, but the one thing i forgot from picnics when i was younger was the bugs that always try to crawl in your food! 7 years ago


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