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ragorajeshABOUT ME


worldofprathikI want to Learn New things

I want to Learn New things, i getting bored of my daily routine life…. lets exchange some new thngs from each others,,,,... 5 years ago

renoyknowlege is power

try to learn new things because the world is very fast and furious 5 years ago


all person love this goal 5 years ago

haftamuI want to do this

i want to learn new things every day. 5 years ago


You can never no too much. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon…..Why wouldn’t I want to learnin something new everyday 5 years ago

Kujibui might as well learn something new every day

i want to learn something new every day but, i want it to b useful and that i can use in everyday life (like learning how to type, I HATE U “ALL THE RIGHT TYPE”) but for now im goina focus on taking chances. 6 years ago

Douglas MoratoGood for everyone !

Well, just moved to USA and i always learn something new everyday. Maybe a word, or a new recipe or a new way to do things… When you work 12 hours a day on internet… you always learn something new ! 6 years ago

so_calGoal is too general.

I’d rather fine tune it to learn something in my field everyday.
What good is a bunch of new bogus info if you don’t apply it? I guess its good for info purposes. I’m trying to focus on my goals though. 7 years ago

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