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is gonna be an awesome year :)

I will MAKE it so. 15 months ago

malli 11Untitled

we must have good goals in our life

we want the best part our life

life is full of happiness when you find it in successive orders

we can have life only when we can control it

remain optimist . . . 19 months ago

skittledragonMy plan

I have a new idea on how to tackle this goal. Whenever I feel crap about something I have to write it down in a notebook, alongside something I feel good about. Then I can allow myself a quick moment of misery before concentrating on the good thing, and not dwelling on the bad one. Also, if I ever do start thinking about the crap stuff again, I can look back through the notebook and remember the corresponding good stuff :)

Optimism journal?? 22 months ago


I WILL get a new, better job!
I AM a talented artist!
I CAN achieve what I want!

When I truly, without any lingering doubts, believe these things (things people are always telling me but I feel negatively about), then I will consider this goal as complete as it’s ever gonna be! 23 months ago

skittledragonTough time

I feel a bit like I’m going backwards in life atm, and seem to be having a run of bad luck at the same time :( I’m trying to ignore my urge to freefall into hopelessness and focus on the good stuff, no matter how tiny. “Nothing can make you miserable if you refuse to be miserable” a bit of wisdom from Dad there! 2 years ago


By the end of March 2012. I am done. 2 years ago


I think I am so much more optimistic now but I’m afraid to mark it off my list just yet. 2 years ago

triXi3_tH3_piXi3Optimism success!

Just the other day, I was sitting down at the park and thought-wow I have completely changed my life around. I am no longer the person I used to be—the person I did not want to be-I am now the person I want to be. The person I can proudly present to the world without any regrets in my mind. Im so proud of myself that I have come this far and can look back gracefully at my past as stepping stones to getting to where I am today. I am so grateful to be at this place that I am and to be the person that I am today. Without those hardships in my past, I would be a completely different person, and would not know how I would have turned out to be. Im glad I made it through my struggles and Im glad I am able to tell my tale gracefully and happily to everyone. :) thanks to everyone who helped along the way. To god, my family, etc.. you know who you are. You kept me strong and helped me keep my head held high when I was falling down. I am grateful to you all. thank you. :) I have become a stronger woman through my struggles. 2 years ago


I’ve always been a very pessimistic person and having depression doesn’t help BUT, I’m the only person who can change my outlook, so I’m making a real effort to stop imagining all the bad stuff that COULD happen, and think about all the good stuff in my life that HAS happened :) 3 years ago

Hala AlmahdiBe More Optimistic !

I gotta do it ,I can do it and I wont give up..
I wanna be a healthy , well organized optimistic person.
I’ll always smile,for get the the sad moments of the past and stop over planning and dreaming about the future.
I’m a great person ,why dont I just live a great joyable life ?
:) 3 years ago

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